Our latest release is the VenSeal Ultra WB now available in 5L bottles.

Key Points:

  • Water Based
  • Water and Oil repellent Sealer
  • Suitable for natural or synthetic stone, unglazed ceramic tile and fibrous cement sheeting
  • Australian made

Coverage – Our 5L bottle will cover 18m2 with 2 coats which is the recommended.

VenSeal Ultra WB TDS Info Sheet pdf
VenSeal Ultra WB Safety Data Sheet pdf
VenSeal Ultra WB - Veneer Stone
VenSeal Application

Piping Bags

silicone icing piping bag


Details coming soon!

Pier Caps

  • 400×400
  • 520×400
  • 520×520
  • 540×540
  • 580×580
  • 630×630